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Influential Energetics

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California. October 9th, 2019

Inherited Guilt

To ascribe an inheritance of guilt based purely on one’s skin “color” is the very essence of racism. For one to claim that a person shares the same (historical) culpability as the wickedly unjust, a claim based solely on one’s given attribute (i.e., skin “color”) is, again, the absolute epitome of racism! Continue reading “Inherited Guilt”

Thought Paradigms

One hopes this small bit of contextual over-simplification is not received antagonistically, but merely as observations from within the forum of spiritual reasoning. In short, we do hope to highlight a few similarities that exist between what seems to be polar opposites. Continue reading “Thought Paradigms”

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Scientific Hypothesis 

Scientific Method



Scientific Hypothesis

Scientific Method



Scientific Hypothesis

Scientific Method




Mind Of The Cosmos

Could the different aspects of our psyche be united with our System’s major Planets? C.G. Jung breaks down the aspects of our psyches as such: the ego, personal unconscious, complexes, collective unconscious, the self, persona, the shadow, anima and animus, and individuation. One cannot help but notice the number of aspects aligns nicely to the number of Planets in our Solar System. Is there a connexion here?  Continue reading “Mind Of The Cosmos”

“Often, to one’s spiritual and intellectual detriment, one will hold on to their Religious Villains, while at the same time, letting go of their Spiritual Heroes.” – C.L.


We find it now ever-puzzling that so many apologists uphold the myriads of Scriptural variance as some qualifying standard of authority, even is spite of the detriment that an enormous field of comparison yields; as if the massive field alone somehow justifies mistranslation. Continue reading “*”


We all possess one Essence. It is Power, and Energy that is distinguishable. 

Essence: the immovable motion, the unmingled unifier, the cause for any and all action.

Power: the impartation of magnification, the very resonance of potential, archetypically manifesting in the super-celestial sense.

Energy: the physical manipulation of the local field in any and all capacity, all being encompassed by consciousness and will.


Our innate “Knowledge” of God, and our longing to understand Him, comes prior to that which can be defined as knowledge: the simple act of recognizing one thing from another. This undefinable “Knowing” is so unified to the Cause that it is impossible to be separated from it. It is above all opposition, before all prejudice, and precedes all distinction. It is Man’s link to the Divine, His unification to the utmost All. 


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point of “transduction” 


symbol of the All

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“In the beginning was the Idea, and the Idea was with God, and the Idea was God. – Iōannēs 1:1

Engineered Weather

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Screen Shot 2019-07-01 at 6.19.58 PM Continue reading “Engineered Weather”


Could one postulate that in addition to our “fixed” constellations, that each of our immediate Stars were “assigned” a Divine Archetype for the stabilization of Man? One would presume that, in the beginning, this Assignment was purely natural and yet, as we can now truly see, the quintessential pillars of consciousness are being “measured”. Thus, enforcing the notion and ever-probable need to unify with the deeper foundations that are held within the interconnected Cosmos of Divine Man.

I think, therefore, I am. – René Descartes


Light in the Defect

Was the Tower of Babel Moment a global (megalithic) occurrence, and could its residual effect be causing our genetic sequence to mechanically “defect” at roughly seventy to one hundred years of age? Arguably, our genetic structure is and/or should be ever-becoming. Therefore, one is led to contemplate our untimely demise in relation to the pitiful state of our greatest structures. One could argue that the dilapidated pyramid grid is producing a blanket of unrefined energy that is wreaking havoc over our many crystalline systems. Continue reading “Light in the Defect”




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resonance in Paradise

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Word War III


Let. There. Be. Light. 

Let (God). There (Differentiation). Be (Surface). Light (Matter).

Let (Nothing). There (Nothing). Be (Nothing). Light (Something).

Light chose, at will, to become a something rather than simply remain as one (good) part of the differentiating nothing. As even God, his Differentiation, and the Surface that these two parts now occupy, can only be defined as undefinable no-things. We must inject that this something must not be defined as either good or bad, as even it’s outburst, however unnatural, cannot be given outright definition. We are still far too high up the Tree to make such assertions. 

However, one could argue that Lucifer– the Light Bearer– was the topological outburst of Light, the one part of the nothing that chose to become something else, and/ or further yet, being identified as not only the first tangible thread of existence, but the plausible origin-source of what eventually sprang forth as Evil. One could argue that to recognize Evil, one has to recognize a movement that prevents the natural divergence of the ever-becoming good.



God: Undefined.

His Word: His Idea.

His Wisdom: Light upon the Soul of Man.

God, his Word, and his Wisdom: the actions of One.


God, his Word, and his Wisdom rationally sum to physical and unique “personhood”.

The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are three opposing individuals that are inconceivably held together only in the abstract.  

How did the very Word of Reason, Harmony, and Proportion become an abstract force of self-opposition? 

There is nothing that does not contain the quintessential basis for all divergence. 


Archetypes of the Crown: Consciousness (self-knowing), Will (soul), Intellect (light), Infinite (ever-becoming), Truth (proportion), Goodness (peace), Wisdom (compassion), Virtue (nature), Beauty (love). 



Rational intellect embodies reasonable proportion. This symmetry stems from the cosmological foundation that is held within ontological Man, one that is fundamentally weighted towards the Good, and one that stems to the utmost All.

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