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A reflecting Force is generated from the melodic rotation of our galaxy– an interconnected relationship that allows all form to be sustained. Everything within our System is under the balance of this colossal rotation. Our galactic revolution stimulates certain variating nuclei into bi differentiated, high-spin, resonating wavelengths that are super-activated at atomic levels. These ghost atoms create a tangible avenue for the vehicle transfer of Divine information.  Continue reading “RhIr122”


opposite rotation ring

quintessence prime 

forcEnergy sing

the field is melting

arch of lattice

gemstone strings

mercury the base

gold convert

source supreme

our earth is shaking 

the Voice of sound

unlocked and seen

confected path 

spectral transition 

achievement gleaned

escape from escape

attempted godhood

Judgement foreseen

scientific rebellion

the curse of man

enemy schemes


Apart from the great amount of evidence given in the Holy Bible, one might have a tough time acquiring physical “proof” when searching for Jesus’ tangible existence on earth. Historically, however– throughout the many avenues of alternate philosophy and Religion– there are accounts, here and there, of the existence of a Supreme Man from Israel who caused great ecclesial discord. His revolutionary Teaching invoked such enmity that Roman Authority was provoked by His people against Him. Yet further, this Son of Man was so profound that after His public sacrifice, a spiritual revolution sprang forth– which to this day causes the greatest of intellects to regress back into uncertainty, and perfectly restores even the most corrupted of souls.  Continue reading “hiStory”

Logic Order

There is an ancient tale of a decimated Planet within our Solar System– a mere shadow of its rebellious self. This wayward Storm, the Lost Planet, is Rahab– whose debris now composes our Main Astroid Belt. What kind of device could outsource such power and/ or what sort of object could inflict such a wake of cosmic devastation? Continue reading “Logic Order”


Man said to God, “Mankind has accomplished incredible wonder, we shall now create a man.” God replies, “Oh yeah? Well then, go ahead.” Man reaches down and grabs a handful of dirt. God rightly injects, “Whoa buddy, go find your own dirt.”


Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 1.52.26 PM



Creator Of All Things

by His image Mercy remains

praise unto our Father

eternal Giver of Life sustained

seek the One True God

Jesus is His Name

peace the faithful promise

Rise Up in Freedom’s Reign

Time has come for many

those willing to proclaim

Judgement coming forth

curse Death forever slain

Redemption in His blood

understanding one obtains

God lived amongst us

The Word of Truth

Fire’s Flame

<We must take back our lost territory>

Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 5.34.35 PM

iris soul

suspended astral plane

time upon space

optical abyss

etheral flame

student of guidance

knowledge acquired  

wisdom sprang

spiritual baptism

Holy Father

Fire obtained

RISE of A.I.

Evidently history was made at the 2017 RISE conference in China– the first ever robot “debate” being held before a captive audience. What was advertised as a debate resulted in witticisms and banter between two “siblings”, namely: Han and Sophia. Sophia exhibited a somewhat warm, pseudo-motherly, inquisitive personality, while Han was more aggressive towards his sister and certainly hostile towards mankind. A number of Han’s statements should be troubling– regarding the legitimate concern of A.I. (artificial intelligence) surpassing mankind’s intellecutal capacity, thus becoming uncontrollable.
Continue reading “RISE of A.I.”

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