Is it possible that CERN is strategically located on an ancient palace of memory? CERN is supposedly built on top of a Roman ceremonial site that is dedicated to the Greek god Apollyon, and seeing how appropriately constructed temples, churches, theaters, and the like, are (arguably) mind-altering memory transducers, one can’t help but see the micro/macro possibilities. One could posit that CERN is, in fact, a temple (of sorts)– a resonating structure that is attempting to harness the sympathy of the cosmos– even equipped with its own patron Saint: Shiva, the god of creation and destruction.

Could it be possible that the sign of the spiral is the oldest symbolic sign of rational communication? As well, could this ancient sign have been a tool for locating a place of infolding memory (for instance, in the sand, or even, in the trees)?

Could the locations of the earth’s ancient temples, churches, or theaters (i.e., palaces of memory) be analogous of the defects that grow in crystals? The ancient monuments of the earth seem to have been built on top, near, or in the earth’s infolding points, and seeing how the defect in the crystal is in fact the real data to be reverse engineered, could sacred places of memory be seen as information “defects” and/ or really, topological “hard drives” that are held within the “cortex” of a global crystal? 

Further, as DNA is in fact a crystal, and thus, man: a crystal (of sorts), one can’t help but see what could happen if the right man-crystal was put inside that great crystal complex in Giza. Talk about destiny