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July 2020

Mandates, Contracts, And Muzzles, Oh My!

There is no particular form or manner of entering into the Contract of Mandate, prescribed either by the common law or by the civil law, in order to give it validity. – Upcounsel 

We’ve been studying the basics of Judicial and/or Legislated Mandate (Type A), and Contract of Mandate (Type B). And interestingly enough even a third philosophically driven (Type C) which emanates from not only the Jurisprudence of (Type B), but simply from the social pathology of a civilized Society. Continue reading “Mandates, Contracts, And Muzzles, Oh My!”

Where Does White America Find Its Moral Footing?

In 1865, during a Anti-Slavery Society meeting, people in the crowd asked Frederick Douglass, “What should we do with the Negro?” Douglass responded, “I have had but one answer from the beginning. Do nothing with us! Your doing with us has already played the mischief with us.” 

In today’s media blitzed political climate how does a white American talk about racism in America while also maintaining some semblance of relevancy among the ever-propagandized social opinion that white America, as a whole, has lost the privilege of participating in a meaningful debate on race? Should white Americans simply take a “back of the bus” position within the public forum when it comes to race relations? We contest that even within the current climate of political “correctness”, even as many defend against an onslaught of “wokeness” from what Orwell so perfectly described as the “Thought Police”, we assert, emphatically, that the answer is no! Continue reading “Where Does White America Find Its Moral Footing?”

God, a Corporation?

Man’s Sovereign Person, Legal Corporate Structures, and the Western Church have an interesting relationship. To start: the Legal Status of a Corporation. A Corporation is a group of people authorized to act as a single entity (legally a Person) and recognized as such in lawIn Essence, these Individuals are no longer considered Personnel but are seen as Resources of a now pseudo-spiritual approximation of a Bodily Function.

One could easily make a Philosophical argument that Mankind– in some capacity– is a “Corporate (global) Body”. That may in fact be quite accurate to some extent, but to say that Mankind is of One conscious Intention, in totality, would be a ludicrous overestimation. Men most certainly still possess and express Individuality and Free Will. And yet, as We must painfully admit, that each Man or Woman undoubtedly emerges from the birth canal under a State Sponsored Corporate Flag. And upon said birth, One is immediately numbered as a “New Resource”, and even further, inevitably made indebted (e.g., taxes) to the Governing Body until “Death do Us part”.  Continue reading “God, a Corporation?”

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