Let. There. Be. Light. 

Let (God). There (Differentiation). Be (Surface). Light (Matter).

Let (Nothing). There (Nothing). Be (Nothing). Light (Something).

Light chose, at will, to become a something rather than simply remain as one (good) part of the differentiating nothing. As even God, his Differentiation, and the Surface that these two parts now occupy, can only be defined as undefinable no-things. We must inject that this something must not be defined as either good or bad, as even it’s outburst, however unnatural, cannot be given outright definition. We are still far too high up the Tree to make such assertions. 

However, one could argue that Lucifer– the Light Bearer– was the topological outburst of Light, the one part of the nothing that chose to become something else, and/ or further yet, being identified as not only the first tangible thread of existence, but the plausible origin-source of what eventually sprang forth as Evil. One could argue that to recognize Evil, one has to recognize a movement that prevents the natural divergence of the ever-becoming good.