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March 2019



Rational intellect embodies reasonable proportion. This symmetry stems from the cosmological foundation that is held within ontological Man, one that is fundamentally weighted towards the Good, and one that stems to the utmost All.

Memory Crystal

Is it possible that CERN is strategically located on an ancient palace of memory? CERN is supposedly built on top of a Roman ceremonial site that is dedicated to the Greek god Apollyon, and seeing how¬†appropriately constructed temples, churches, theaters, and the like, are (arguably) mind-altering memory transducers, one can’t help but see the micro/macro possibilities.¬†One could posit that CERN is, in fact, a temple (of sorts)– a resonating structure that is attempting to harness the sympathy of the cosmos– even equipped with its own patron Saint: Shiva, the god of creation and destruction. Continue reading “Memory Crystal”

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