Could the different aspects of our psyche be united with our System’s major Planets? C.G. Jung breaks down the aspects of our psyches as such: the ego, personal unconscious, complexes, collective unconscious, the self, persona, the shadow, anima and animus, and individuation. One cannot help but notice the number of aspects aligns nicely to the number of Planets in our Solar System. Is there a connexion here? 

Departing slightly from Jung, we turn to our own ideas on Archetypes in relation to the deeper Constellations. Could our “fixed” Constellations be aligned with our innately “fixed” Archetypes, which, to one’s thinking are as such: Consciousness (self-knowing), Will (soul), Intellect (light), Eternity (ever-becoming), Truth (proportion), Goodness (peace), Wisdom (compassion), Virtue (nature), Beauty (love). We have here, roughly, nine “major” Archetypes, and nine “minor” Archetypes. Could this be why our megalithic structures are aligned, for the most part, to the Constellations as opposed to the Planets, being done to possibly “fix” Mankind and the Priesthoods to those deeply cosmic inclinations? 

Now, to the circulations of the Planets. Are the circulations of the Planets aligned with the “circulation” of our Soul? We certainly experience life in waves and at times quite cyclicly, and we often have these strange ideas that we’ve lived past lives, or even, that we experience life from some future standpoint, or at some profound level that words just can’t quite explain. Thus, one could imagine the Soul as a circular place of energetic retention.

Is there a link between the circulation of the Planets (not the Planets themselves, but their circular movements) and the cyclical nature of our Soul, and further, to the experiences It seems to draw upon from the past, or what can easily seem like the future, all while we exist presently in the now? It’s as if our Soul comes “full circle”, much like the circulations of our Planets.

If one wanted to see differentiation in action, one may argue that the first differentiation of the Monad resulted in the Soul, and the Surface they occupied.