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January 2018

Visible Light

The very existence of the electromagnetic spectrum is proof that a supreme Creator must exist. From what etheral repository does one draw to formulate visible light? Even our greatest comprehension pales in comparison to what this extraordinary material truly encompasses: Life itself! As the God of Abraham spoke light into existence (i.e., speaking the particle into the undifferentiated wave), the darkness was thus separated– cementing our cosmic institution– the galactic spacetime (separation) order. The divine creation of light established the order of separation within our localized dimension– materializing matter’s gravitic rotation, the ultimate proclamation of the weak and strong interactions. Light into Gravity and Mass into Light. Only a divine God could be the source of our stabilized existence; only God, the supreme Creator, could quantify such geo-dimensional majesty.


Here we attempt to understand who Cain feared as he was being cast out of Eden, as well as who (or what) likely inhabited this land (the Land of Nod) prior to his exile. We also will discuss the questionable identity of Cain’s wife– Where and from what bloodline did she stem from: Adam’s line, or someone else’s? 

First, we consider the historic nature of the Land of Nod: mourning, exile, wanderings. During the time of Moses, was Nod simply a contemporary title for this generalized location? Or, was this Land of a vast quantity, being historically-rooted in Moses’ own understanding of antiquity as a land that was known to have been established by a race of “beings” that existed outside of Eden; “entities” of unimaginable description and power? Continue reading “Cain”

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