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March 2017

Temporary Prison Of Illumination

Man is a spirit in prison, and so he must be content to abide, until God unlocks the door to his cell… For our body appears to be not only a prison, but also a fortress, and is, not improbably, devised for the very purpose of sheltering us in some degree from the corrupting influence of demons,… but if we once suffer the fence to be broken down, we are no longer able to restore it and are henceforth exposed to the attacks of the malignant enemies. –  Earth’s Earliest Ages 

Understanding our momentary state of astral restriction is ever so important. Why we are in total dependence upon God for the deeper Truth concerning those age-old questions of How and Why. God has specifically disallowed our independent acquisition of esoteric insight from within the astral plane. We attempt here to understand, why? Continue reading “Temporary Prison Of Illumination”


Enough of the Satanic State that we have allowed to operate at the core of our Global System. America’s current affiliation largely stems from the Fascist Business Plot Regime of WW2. This Regime acquired vast amounts of Nazi intelligence which fueled the American Military Apparatus up until now. The Deep State-Military Industrial Complex that President Eisenhower warned us about. When will the disassociated Many stand against the sordid Few?

The System of the Beast aims to culminate a century of progress, sensing not only its near Objective, but also that its very existence is now threatened. We must wake up from our prefabricated animation of supposed normalcy. In the Risen Authority of Jesus Christ we must stand at full attention, recognizing a most pinnacle moment in time– the particle collision of historical cycles and the coming wave of technical singularity.

Vault 7

Potential Mission Areas for CIA‘s Embedded Devices Branch

Firmware Target:

Vehicle Systems (e.g. VSEP)

There is reason to believe intelligence agencies have developed the ability to remotely control certain Vehicle Systems and do some really highly destructive things. –Richard Clarke, Former US National Security Council

A generated Google search of Vehicle Systems Engineer directed us to numerous Engineer Positions for manned and unmanned vehicle systems, software design for avionics, weapons, pod interfaces or pilot/vehicle interfaces within military and civilian application.


Potential Mission Areas for CIA’s Embedded Devices Branch

Software Target:

QNX (big player in VSEP) a software platform used in many Autonomous Drive and Connected Cars and Connected Embedded Systems.
Continue reading “Vault 7”

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