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transparency activism

new threat to the State

frightened by Truth

shouting beyond their gates


those who want answers

lies of regurgitate

families hold at arms

nothing left

all to gain


marvel at the moment

exciting are the days

we have grown up

witness a glorious display


is this the Time

ending our fallen fate

White Rider on the horse

Heavenly Throne

Glory awake


A political climate of chaos

our leaders bound by payoffs

figures of delusion

workers succumb to corrupt layoffs

we want freedom from the struggle

our worry is daily doubled

crying out for peace

our Nation on the verge of rubble


we have found Hope

in His blood a peaceful yoke

faith raining down

a righteous cloak

a mighty crown

the meek on bended knee

crying out a just decree

lay hold of righteous armor

our King rides

with Fury and Honor


divisive Moderatism 

lukewarm to the taste

render want for Freedom

forget the ills of yesterday

time has come for many

leading this Fateful Day

fire awaits the faithless

eternal darkness

a fiery grave


seek the One True God

Jesus is His Name

Peace the faithful promise

come together

in Freedom’s reign 


straight is the narrow

forget never to forsake

walking in His love

open heart

feel It shake


Voices among the ash

rising together

the wicked will crash

a time for Truth

a time for all

band together in Holy halls

the Reaper swings

the Faithful gleaned

our King with Fire

His battle rings 

abolish hate

for once and all

the enemy cries

Judgement calls

he aims to slaughter

he aims to steal

our King has Risen

destroying his will

Peace His chain

all voices proclaim

Love endures

let freedom reign 


we pray and contemplate

Love turned to darkened hate

our children being lost

fire kindles at the gate

will many rise up

to stand for Love’s sake

the meek turning violent

the Creator His heart breaks

our time has come to rise

take back the fallen State

tearing down the strongholds

our Enemy is losing faith

the wicked running wild

in the street blood propagates

carry the Torch of Hope

God’s chosen armed with Faith

no more standing idle

victory ours to take

tread upon the Dragon 

under His foot the Enemy’s fate

we shall stand tall

shouting loud from Heaven’s Gate

victory is ours

God’s promise never forsakes


soul tattered

soul wrecked

the child dashed upon the neck

pleading for a time to recover

hoping for a time of rest

freedom from the struggle

free from surmounting debt

the pen leaves a stroke

only remembrance of the child left

profits made for many by the spiritually inept

pulpits of Truth have gone silent

collecting money at every request

the eagle is burning on high

God’s wrath they take in jest

may mercy flow from The Throne

for the bloodied

for the depressed

His vengeance has come down

accounting for all debt

fire awaits the faithless

the wages of sin is death


Will our nation ever find rest

God who had chosen to bless

His remnant in utter distress

hearts aching within our chest

faith and patients with no regret

the faithful the oppressed

surfering a yoke upon our neck

the Spirit cries out a request

God save us from our distress

Love will be our last breath


The panic of a sacred child

their blood running wild

pagans rule and defile

acceptance taught and spread viral

our nation in a downward spiral

fear coming with a joyous smile

men’s hearts utterly beguiled

God protect the precious child

from the snare of profit

from the snare of the wild

a womb once guardian of the child

now a haunt for the wicked and vile

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