Was the Tower of Babel Moment a global (megalithic) occurrence, and could its residual effect be causing our genetic sequence to mechanically “defect” at roughly seventy to one hundred years of age? Arguably, our genetic structure is and/or should be ever-becoming. Therefore, one is led to contemplate our untimely demise in relation to the pitiful state of our greatest structures. One could argue that the dilapidated pyramid grid is producing a blanket of unrefined energy that is wreaking havoc over our many crystalline systems. 

That said, are megaliths analogous of the defects that form in crystals? Further, one must take into account the supporting thesis that “defects” are not only necessary but at times proven, at laboratory levels, to bring an added structure to the crystalline solid (i.e., carbon being added to iron to make steel). If so, one may have to form an argument for the necessity of the defect within the crystalline structures that grow here on Earth therefore, and further, that Light (the pinnacle outburst of structural Matter) itself may not only be the source that causes the defect, but may also be the very source for all differentiated (crystalline) matter itself.

One is thus further led to contemplate the crystals that grow in outer space with (supposedly) no defect, or at least with fewer imperfections. With that said, and seeing how Light is in fact acting against its natural being (being neither good nor bad), is the crystal that is grown without defect a symbolic glimpse into the surface (system) of the differentiating Nothing, just prior to Light’s outburst into something else?