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August 2019


Mind Of The Cosmos

Could the different aspects of our psyche be united with our System’s major Planets? C.G. Jung breaks down the aspects of our psyches as such: the ego, personal unconscious, complexes, collective unconscious, the self, persona, the shadow, anima and animus, and individuation. One cannot help but notice the number of aspects aligns nicely to the number of Planets in our Solar System. Is there a connexion here?  Continue reading “Mind Of The Cosmos”

“Often, to one’s spiritual and intellectual detriment, one will hold on to their Religious Villains, while at the same time, letting go of their Spiritual Heroes.” – L.C.


We find it now ever-puzzling that so many apologists uphold the myriads of Scriptural variance as some qualifying standard of authority, even is spite of the detriment that an enormous field of comparison yields; as if the massive field alone somehow justifies mistranslation. Continue reading “*”

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