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Alfie Evans – murdered numerous times


bind and loose in Jesus Name

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September 11, 2001


transhumanist man

rising quantum slave

vaccinated destruction

unleashed genetic rage

identities for sale

implanted forms of pay

convenience is their market

corrupted helix grave

artificial enlightenment

true knowledge in decay

perils of the future

beast system of today

triple bound staff

resurrected golden age

giants of rebellion

as it was in Noah’s day

steady moving forth

constant prayer

force of praise

Jesus the only answer

true salvation

ransom paid

Conscience Of Nature

Originally, the Nature of Man was simply to be a part of God’s ordered Creation. Astoundingly, however, in addition to a truly unique impartation of a specifically individualized (spiritual) Nature, He also united within mankind the resonating force of the cosmos: our soul– formulated from the Breath of Life that was given to us by our Creator– the very essence of our being– while also, possessing a slight distinction between man and beast. When mankind fell into debt from the cunnings of the Nachash, Death was the end result; which in turn corrupted man’s original identity, and further led to the destruction of his very essence: his soul. Thus, Death began to nurture fallen man’s new inclination for sin, as he is now filled with the preservation of self. The Nature of Death is to destroy– the ultimate opposing force to Life– thus sin, the cause and effect of Death, leads inevitably to destruction. The Holy Spirit– whose Nature is Life– rests upon those who profess with their mouth and believe in their heart that Jesus Christ is Lord, who are also baptized in the water of purification and anointed with the living fire of God. Hence: upon this moment of dedication, the Spirit of God takes up residence within that once dead soul, giving it new Life, and a new identity– the resurrection of the soul through the Spirit of the living God. 

The Gates Of Hell

13 When Jesus came into the coasts of Caesarea Philippi, he asked his disciples, saying, Whom do men say that I the Son of man am? – Matthew 16:13

Many fail to recognize the spiritual authority that believers in Christ now have over the forces of darkness– truly, we now possess the principal authority of Jesus Christ over Satan’s unnatural law! We have been given the power to bind the emissaries of evil, to let loose the forces of Almighty God, and to tear down the strongholds of fear that are constantly being set up by our enemies. We have already been given victory through our Savior, Jesus Christ! All we must do now is grasp the cosmic nature of this multi-dimensional battle. Continue reading “The Gates Of Hell”

End Times Übermensch

Mankind now sits upon the shores of a new dawn: the revival of the post-human Age. Rapidly, science is mastering the cosmology of our genome– igniting the genetic spark that will ultimately lead to the last rebellion against God. In the basements of the self-taught, sacred genomes are being tinkered with; and within the deep laboratories of the uberElite, an Ancient Hope now seems almost attainable: to become as (fallen) gods. The great seers of society continually strive to uncover the hidden laws of nature, yet will not confess to what must be the quintessential Origin for such divine and ordered creation. Nevertheless, science is now genetically raising up our ancestor’s first great genetic rebellion, which in turn caused the earth to be violently buried beneath a deluge of water.  Continue reading “End Times Übermensch”

Ouro Suntelia

bind and loose in Jesus Name


September 11, 2001


December 20, 2007


December 21, 2017


December 21, 2020


December 21, 2030

Visible Light

The very existence of the electromagnetic spectrum is proof that a supreme Creator must exist. From what etheral repository does one draw to formulate visible light? Even our greatest comprehension pales in comparison to what this extraordinary material truly encompasses: Life itself! As the God of Abraham spoke light into existence (i.e., speaking the particle into the undifferentiated void), the darkness was thus separated– cementing our cosmic institution– the galactic spacetime order. The divine creation of light established the order of separation within our localized dimension– further materializing matter’s rotation, the ultimate proclamation of the weak and strong interactions. Light into the Void and Mass into Light. Only a divine God, a divine Spirit (the Force), could be the source of our stabilized existence; only a supreme God, a supreme Creator, could quantify such harmonic majesty.


Here we attempt to understand who Cain feared as he was being cast out of Eden, as well as who (or what) likely inhabited this land (the Land of Nod) prior to his exile. We also will discuss the questionable identity of Cain’s wife– Where and from what bloodline did she stem from: Adam’s line, or someone else’s? 

First, we consider the historic nature of the Land of Nod: mourning, exile, wanderings. During the time of Moses, was Nod simply a contemporary title for this generalized location? Or, was this Land of a vast quantity, being historically-rooted in Moses’ own understanding of antiquity as a land that was known to have been established by a race of “beings” that existed outside of Eden; “entities” of unimaginable description and power? Continue reading “Cain”

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