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Before the Angelic Fall and before the 6 Day Creation, when the worship of God within the Galaxy was in Order, Angels governed Heavenly technology throughout the earth and cosmos. In order to amplify unimaginable sources of organic energy; these devices were systematic in cosmic congruence, resonating vast amounts of etheral glory unto Him.

The rebellious Angels who were cast to the earth are certainly the Architects of the Post Creation, Antediluvian devices that riddle the earth. Though mechanically magnificent, Cyclopian technology likely pales in comparison to the original Mechanism of Order by which God set His galactic Sanctuary in. 

The Masters of the Darkness of this world aim to harness this astounding power, forever hoping to technically circumvent the inevitable Judgement and Wrath of God. Now as particles collide at enormous rates, it seems as if God’s Remnant may no longer be able to prevent inner-dimensional cataclysm, but we can certainly prepare our Brethren for the nature of the coming battle.


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bind and loose in Jesus Name

Debt Jubilee

Will a Debt Jubilee and or Debt Buyout be the only answer for America’s inescapable Economic Doomsday? After such an inevitable collapse, how will we rectify a financial System that is so utterly corrupt? If rectification is even possible, it seems likely it will come at the expense of our Nation’s infrastructure and private assets. 

For the uberElite to successfully absolve Western debt, they will need social and economic chaos, coupled with the fearful support of a psychologically manipulated people. Will the masses submit to a short-sighted debt reprieve for the promise of stability– at the expense of our few remaining Liberties? Or further, would we voluntarily sign over our private wealth to a corrupt System to maintain the “stability” of our Republic?

Most would have never thought the Market tourniquet they administered in 2008 would last so long. Those stemming our monetary flatline were the Barons of War and Industry, clamoring to prop-up our failing confidence. Soon a printing-press lullaby became their pacifying answer to the masses. Print money unto oblivion. At this point they thought, why not? Continue reading “Debt Jubilee”



bind and loose in Jesus Name


transparency activism

new threat to the State

frightened by Truth

shouting beyond their gates

those who want answers

from lies of regurgitate

families hold at arms

nothing left

all to gain


marvel at the moment

exciting are the days

we have grown up

witness a Glorious display

is this the Time

ending our fallen fate

White Rider on the Horse

Heavenly Throne

Glory awake

“Escape Theory”

Concerning Pre-Tribulation rapture doctrine: We can’t help but recognize the general spiritual mindset of those who adhere to this modern-day teaching– a general acceptance towards society’s behavioral decline. A very common pre-trib outlook regarding man’s moral decay is that of overarching helplessness, viewing our regression as an unfortunate inevitable. A prominent pre-trib cliché regarding man’s fall from virtue is usually stated as such: “these types of things just can’t be prevented, so we shouldn’t worry about it– we’ll be raptured before all hell breaks loose”. Is this an acceptable Christian mentality towards society’s plunge into the abyss? 

The concept of avoiding physical persecution is a natural tendency. (Who really wants to suffer if there is an option for escape?) Those who are in Christ Jesus will escape the snares of Death– yet with our faith in Christ, we must accept the very real possibility of fated persecution just as He warned. Furthermore, adherents of such pacifying doctrines are unavoidably weakened as their hope for escape inhibits the spiritual resilience needed to fight against the Enemy.  Continue reading ““Escape Theory””


A political climate of chaos

our leaders bound by payoffs

figures of delusion

workers succumb to corrupt layoffs

we want freedom from the struggle

our worry is daily doubled

crying out for peace

our Nation on the verge of rubble


we have found Hope

in His blood a peaceful yoke

faith raining down

a righteous cloak

a mighty crown

the meek on bended knee

crying out a just decree

lay hold of righteous armor

our King rides

with Fury and Honor

Temporary Prison Of Illumination

Man is a spirit in prison, and so he must be content to abide, until God unlocks the door to his cell… For our body appears to be not only a prison, but also a fortress, and is, not improbably, devised for the very purpose of sheltering us in some degree from the corrupting influence of demons,… but if we once suffer the fence to be broken down, we are no longer able to restore it and are henceforth exposed to the attacks of the malignant enemies. –  Earth’s Earliest Ages 

Understanding our momentary state of astral restriction is ever so important. Why we are in total dependence upon God for the deeper Truth concerning those age-old questions of How and Why. God has specifically disallowed our independent acquisition of esoteric insight from within the astral plane. We attempt here to understand, why? Continue reading “Temporary Prison Of Illumination”


Enough of the Satanic State that we have allowed to operate at the core of our Global System. America’s current affiliation largely stems from the Fascist Business Plot Regime of WW2. This Regime acquired vast amounts of Nazi intelligence which fueled the American Military Apparatus up until now. The Deep State-Military Industrial Complex that President Eisenhower warned us about. When will the disassociated Many stand against the sordid Few?

The System of the Beast aims to culminate a century of progress, sensing not only its near Objective, but also that its very existence is now threatened. We must wake up from our prefabricated animation of supposed normalcy. In the Risen Authority of Jesus Christ we must stand at full attention, recognizing a most pinnacle moment in time– the particle collision of historical cycles and the coming wave of technical singularity.

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