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July 2019


We all possess one Essence. It is Power, and Energy that is distinguishable. 

Essence: the immovable motion, the unmingled unifier, the cause for any and all action.

Power: the impartation of magnification, the very resonance of potential, archetypically manifesting in the super-celestial sense.

Energy: the physical manipulation of the local field in any and all capacity, all being encompassed by a process of consciousness and will.


Our innate “Knowledge” of God, and our longing to understand Him, comes prior to that which can be defined as knowledge: the simple act of recognizing one thing from another. This undefinable “Knowing” is so unified to the Cause that it is impossible to be separated from it. It is above all opposition, before all prejudice, and precedes all distinction. It is Man’s link to the Divine, His unification to the utmost All. 


Screen Shot 2019-07-04 at 1.15.59 PM

point of “transduction” 


symbol of the All

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“In the beginning was the Idea, and the Idea was with God, and the Idea was God. – Iōannēs 1:1

Engineered Weather

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