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December 2018


Elohim  ≠ YHWH

Theos  ≠ Kyrios



“We also study the human mind and consciousness in the context of death, to understand whether consciousness becomes annihilated or whether it continues after you’ve died for some period of time— and how that relates to what’s happening inside the brain in real time.” – Dr. Sam Parnia, Director of Critical Care and Resuscitation Research at New York University Langone Medical Center

One is led to speculate over the almost strangely forgotten mind of the now deceased. Where is it that the mind finds itself after an encounter with Death? Does the mind reassume its position within the medium of the “higher mind”– what one could speculatively define as the precedent waveform of diverging potential? Could technical reason view the transducing substance of the mind as simply just that, a device; therefore, upon death, experiencing nothing more than that of a computer’s crashing hard drive? Does one’s essence (i.e. innate awareness, intelligence, will, emotion, memory) become void upon Death?
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Did Adam and Eve experience true free will, as their consequence– Death– was not (as it is generally understood in the West) fully known? Or, is it possible that Adam and Eve were young children when they were beguiled by the Nachash, simply unaware– as most children are– of the many dangers that exist in life?

If the severity of Death was fully understood by Adam and Eve, could their reasoning stem from the Nachash’s manifestation not merely as a physical snake, but in the same almost non-physical likeness as the voice of God– that which “walked” in the cool of the day? Could this possibility lend weight to the convincing means by which the Nachash’s persuasive control locally materializes?

One cannot help but notice the similarities between the intelligent wave form and the subtle movements of the snake– could this intelligence have presented itself as a divine wind, visibly snaking through the local atmosphere?

Could it be that the Israelites were psychologically coerced into a statistical form of free will upon their rapid departure and initiation into the precedent rites of YHWH during the Exodus?

Can a people have unadulterated free will if they’ve been promised justice and superficial paradise for regimented obedience, while at the same time threatened with total destruction for offense against an unfamiliar Law?

Why is it that the moral natures of YHWH and Jesus are in such radical opposition– withstanding even the most aggressive (Apologetic) rationalization?





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