Rotating within our environment are mysterious subatomic anomalies that involve a hyper-dimensional system. This relationship produces a unique impression on the interacting bodies of rotation. These high-spin oriented atoms are data-transmitting superconductors that ultimately receive information from a hyperspace system. Such resonating anomalies, theoretically, are the “vehicles” used by God to interact with His creation, and/ or further– are the very foundational pillars that hold together our entire galactic existence.

Within dimensional force theory, these anomalies are better known as the Torsion Balance– localized occurrences generated by circulating electrical systems under preferred alchemical alignment. All galactic bodies, down to the subatomic level, are rotating gyroscopic variables which concentrate operational stresses, that in turn, localize hyperspace materializations within our subspace dimension. This is what the great minds of Nikola Tesla (and the like) were fighting to understand during the middle part of our century. Though, upon further research, one can reasonably conclude why this information has been subjected to the scientific shadows up until this current Age of Revelation in which we now sit.

These interactions seem to occur from and partially exist in (a) hyper-(sub)space(s), actively transferring data from a once “neutral”, yet differentiated, hyper-dimension, i.e. a unifying field system. This interaction is arguably responsible for the process by which information is impressed from one system to another without a net-loss of energy, and, as the brave will argue, may be the very generator of time itself. Such anomalies substantiate the notion that time is not passive, but actively participating within the variating densities of “ambient” space. Such quintessential space cavities are isotropic metric systems that have the potential to induce sub-space spin interactions.

If one honestly speculates about the unsolvable nature of existence and its sustained growth, the unexplained balance of our star systems existing in an antithetical environment, or why our galaxy is not dominated by exhausted and congealed systems according to stellar evolution; or even further, what truly initiated the first spin differentiation to our once still and “neutral” metronic system– With these unanswered questions, one will seemingly conclude that we still, in all our scientific brilliance, truly, have no real grasp of the Supreme Operator’s quintessential mechanisms. In concluding, we understand that most cannot generally access scientific equipment for “testing” purposes, so in turn, we proclaim that if one is simply observant, these resonating occurrences provide attainable clues within the fractal moments of life unexplained.

He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.Ecclesiastes 3:11