Plainly stated, Man is basically just a formulated “dirt-blob” of harmonically charged rotating variables that are for the most part just Water and Light– ultimately, being held together by a superconducting Force that exists in a now differentiating Void. Further, our galactic system seems to be “sandwiched” between at least two resonating Forces. Could our galactic system be seen as charged and suspended “dust” momentarily held between two magnetized Forces? I can’t help but be reminded of the micro and macro compositions of an atom being coerced to work together by the harmonizing Forces of Light and Void. In retrospect, the God Particle seems to be a good starting point: imagine a peace-filled Void, maybe the size of our galaxy, undifferentiated. Now imagine a “Particle” the size of a man, being harmonized into the Void, and from this intentional action, a now differentiated Waveform resonates throughout the System of the Void. What would happen if the Waveform and the Particle happened to meet? The intelligent Density harmonized into the Void, resonating Matter into Light, and so on?

Could our galaxy simply be one “Particle” within an overall Body? This idea seems reasonable when trying to grasp the overwhelming composition of God– His Force– or at the very least, His reflection. Therefor, is seems tangible that God represents Himself (His physical reflection) through the electromagnetic (Particle-Wave) spectrum and/ or further throughout the entire spectrum of fundamental mechanics (especially concerning the fundamental interactions between the Weak and Strong Forces). How else could God be OmniThrice without encompassing the entirety of the many Forces? Could it be that God did in fact speak Light into existence– the Density harmonized into the undifferentiated Void, eventually formulating Mass, with its revolution of Light? Would Particle, Wave and Void be equal to God, or simply part of His overall composition– His Body, so to speak? Look at the now Body of Christ– the Congregation His harmonizing Force whose testifying resonance slows the entropy of humanity.