The emotional surge that occurs when one interacts with founded creativity (i.e., Music, Art, and Poetry– that which is harnessed and crafted in tradition) is necessary for the furtherance of self-mastery. One could say that these innate aspects of our Spiritual Nature benefit from specific excitation. Therefore, upon exposure to true craft, our emotional response “purifies” the substance of the mind, enhancing its ability to receive and transmit within the medium.

Antithetically, as the observer is exposed to works of non-tradition, an emotional response– either consciously and/ or subconsciously– will transduce itself into a state of disharmony. This reaction stems from the artist’s fundamental departure from the ontological passion that operates within Man. Further, true creativity does not mean originality for originality’s sake; true creativity develops from a cultivated craft that is founded in a furthering of Life.

This interactive process of mind-manipulation is two-sided, on one side: constituting a natural process of enlightenment, along with physical healing; while on the other: instituting societal Babel under the glorified guise of self-subjected originality.