If man is the fulcrum of the cosmos, then it seems only natural that the harmony of existence depends on the harmony of man. Therefore, in man (the only viable source of blame for the disharmonious state of society), it would appear inherent that he would draw from within himself a savior for mankind– the one who would undoubtedly bring peace and reason. Generally, it seems that many– either consciously or subconsciously, and in some capacity– can resonate with this notion that only we can save ourselves from this mess. Furthermore, there is no doubt that this “complex” has been routinely exploited in mediums such as comic books and film (Hollywood). And yet, what if mankind’s seemingly inborn tendency to ascribe responsibility to oneself (if it is, in fact, inherent) has been deliberately depicted as somewhat of a spiritual caricature in order to invariably alter the perception (and thus, potential) of what could truly be defined as an active facet of man’s natural scientific ability?

In all fairness, however, it should be stated that this “savior complex” could simply be a construct of the mind– part of that innate “gardener complex” that so many can align with. Further: We would pose that this tendency or “complex” is something that can be mechanically inserted into the medium– an energetic transmission of psychological control (i.e., electroencephalographic (EEG) dictionaries and the already-explored “Voice of God” technology). With that being said, and in respect to all possibility: It is certainly plausible that man’s “savior complex” is legitimately inherent. If this is the case, we posit: How else would one explain the physical stability of an infinitely untold number of atomic variables that are (by “chance”) collectively manifesting in the physical shape of (a) self-aware flesh and blood human being(s), while simultaneously organizing– in the same fashion– the very order and structure of the galaxy to dynamically reflect a macro-cosmic image of man?