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End Times

CERN’s Destruction

Screen shot 2016-08-19 at 8.34.42 AM
Occult sacrifice at CERN

Inhabitants at CERN performed a “mock” human sacrifice before Shiva the God of destruction. These events appear to have been performed within the past few weeks, if accurate the corresponding dates would align with Occult ceremony and sacrifice days throughout the beginning of August. It’s also no surprise the date of release concerning the CERN sacrifice footage, August 18th(6+6+6=18). As noted below many of the ceremonies involve a female which correlates to the female victim in the CERN sacrifice footage. Continue reading “CERN’s Destruction”


The Persecution of the Saints began the very moment Jesus Christ arose from the dead. Christ was seated at the right hand of God and is ruling from thence forth, giving His people the power to overcome the persecution of the Enemy. In the days shortly after Christ’s ascension His people seemingly could sense His coming return– probably wondering how their persecution could get much worse, and yet it prolonged for some 300 years. Could this be the American Christian’s destiny– maneuvering through a new era of spiritual wickedness. If the world continues in rebellion and Christ doesn’t return for another 300 years, what will it take for a Christian to survive in that amount of moral decay?


Temple Of God

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 5.09.19 PM

There has been much debate between theologians concerning the reconstruction of Jerusalem’s third Temple. Some proclaim its resurrection is necessary to fulfill biblical prophecy, while others profess the Temple of God is alive and well, resonating throughout all those who believe in Jesus Christ, and thus only applicable in the spiritual sense. We propose in the context of the respective Faiths that both statements hold Truth.  Continue reading “Temple Of God”


Screen shot 2016-03-30 at 5.09.43 PM

Could the Spirit of God be referred to theoretically as the Force behind the source of the Schumann Resonances? These frequencies continually flow throughout the earth, scientifically proven to be essential for man’s sustainment, itself charged by the electric currents in lightning. But now this life-source is being diminished, drowned out by the onslaught of frequency and radiation cast upon the earth by man. Is the rising lack of exposure to this crucial frequency a primary cause for the overwhelming decline in our health?  Continue reading “7.8Hz”

Particle Khab-al’

Phase 33

Harvest and weaponize a virus having a Non-Active Temperature Parameter and an Active Temperature Parameter. Allow the virus to Go Active if encountered with a pre-established environmental occurrence ie: extreme temperature or humidity fluctuation; this rise and fall initiating the virus’ Active State.

Break the virus down to nano particulate size and contain each virus particle in an “environmental suitcase” for safe travel. Then aerosolize the particles throughout the atmosphere, applying the Non-Active virus to all forms of life; the virus now actively awaiting provocation from the engineered environment. 




Continue reading “Particle Khab-al’”


soul tattered

soul wrecked

the child dashed upon the neck

pleading for a time to recover

hoping for a time of rest

freedom from the struggle

free from surmounting debt

the pen leaves a stroke

only remembrance of the child left

profits made for many by the spiritually inept

pulpits of Truth have gone silent

collecting money at every request

the eagle is burning on high

God’s wrath they take in jest

may mercy flow from The Throne

for the bloodied

for the depressed

His vengeance has come down

accounting for all debt

fire awaits the faithless

the wage of sin is death

Population Virus

Screen shot 2016-02-02 at 6.56.32 PM

Is there a link between Zika virus, the Rubella outbreak of the 1960’s, global population control, the Rockefeller Family and the many vaccines now coursing through our bloodstream? Continue reading “Population Virus”

Army Of The Fallen

Screen shot 2016-01-28 at 8.19.42 AM

Here we look into the Evangelical, and even Judaic viewpoint concerning the possible origins, or at the very least, a possible genetic offshoot of mankind. In the days of King Jared it is said that two hundred Fallen Angels descended upon Mount Hermon. They took wives from the children of men who gave birth to the gods of the earth, which were (of many) the mighty raphaim of old. These were the Sons of Destruction, those who ushered in the great what could be called: the genetic rebellion. Continue reading “Army Of The Fallen”

Nimrod The Occult Vision

In Biblical Canon the writer would add emphasis to Scripture by repeating it. The repeated Scripture was a way to show great significance to the reader.

Genesis 10:8-10 8And Cush begat Nimrod: he began to be a mighty one in the earth. 9He was a mighty hunter before the LORD: wherefore it is said, Even as Nimrod the mighty hunter before the LORD. 10And the beginning of his kingdom was Babylon

Screen shot 2016-01-25 at 9.36.08 AM
Tower of Babel

Continue reading “Nimrod The Occult Vision”

Sea Of Cancer

Regarding the Fukushima Nuclear Plant disaster– America has been fed another lie of magnificent proportion– evidently, posing no threat to the consumers of Pacific caught seafood. This is arguably the greatest threat Nuclear Energy has ever contrived, and we virtually hear nothing about it.  Continue reading “Sea Of Cancer”

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