In Biblical Canon the writer would add emphasis to Scripture by repeating it. The repeated Scripture was a way to show great significance to the reader.

Genesis 10:8-10 8And Cush begat Nimrod: he began to be a mighty one in the earth. 9He was a mighty hunter before the LORD: wherefore it is said, Even as Nimrod the mighty hunter before the LORD. 10And the beginning of his kingdom was Babylon

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Tower of Babel

The importance of understanding Nimrod, King of Babylon is significant. Understanding who he was and what he became is crucial, for society now sits on the verge of his grand vision. There are many ancient inscriptions telling of Nimrod’s vast kingdom, one universal and united unto himself– one language, one government, one religion and one purpose: to establish himself upon the Most High.

Nimrod vowed to avenge the old kings who perished in the Mighty Deluge. Modern evidence arguably asserts that Nimrod was utilizing advanced technology and possibly “raising up” a genetically corrupted army. While also imposing spiritual tyranny as he built an enormous tower into the firmament to assault (possibly) a “gateway” of God. For the name of Babylon/Babulón means Gate of God. In Sumerian it is Shumer which means Land of the Guardians, while the Egyptians called it Ta Neter: Land of the Watchers.

Nimrod was the precursor and representation of the apocalyptic Man of Sin– a man so powerful that reasoning suggests Nimrod became more than just human, and/ or, may have never been completely human to begin with. The Hebraic Canon states Nimrod began “chalal”(verb) to be gibbor. In Genesis 6 the gibborim/mighty men were of old, forever, giant, and mighty, with a strong name. These gibborim– the mighty men— were the progeny of the gods– the raphaim in Canon– the giants of old. Were these the uberElite’s Übermensch— a supernaturally scientific, post-human, part-angelic amalgamation?

Genesis 10:8 states Nimrod began to be mighty. Began has numerous Hebraic definitions: “chalal“ (2490) to pierce, perforate, to wound, to pollute, profane, defile, desecrate, diseased, slain, kill… As the word “chalal” quite literally means to wound, it leaves one to postulate that Nimrod began to desecrate and defile himself by a piercing of skin, that which made him Strong, Mighty and Forever.

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Genesis 11:6 – The Tower of Babel 

And said the Lord. Behold the people are one and language one they all have. And this they begin to do, now nothing will be impossible, and they, all that they have imagined will do. – Genesis 11:6

And this they begin to do… “ha·ḥil·lām” is translated (2490) “chalal” (verb) to pierce, to wound, to desecrate…  

It seems mankind intentionally united under Nimrod and quite possibly began to pierce, and/ or, inject/intake themselves with a foreign specimen either plant, animal or something celestial thus, transforming post-human– transcending into a realm of “godhood” having nothing withheld or impossible– likely having the ability and newfound “characteristics” to disrupt divine order. 

Hebrew Definition

began: “chalal” defile, pollute, desecrate, profane, slain… (Verb) to pierce.

they begin: “ha·ḥil·lām” (verb) to pierce. 

mighty: “gibbor” strong, mighty, men of outstanding, giant, warriors…

were of old: “olam” forever, ancient, long duration, antiquity, futurity, everlasting, permanent…

This is the certainly an overall objective of the Mysteries– to become an everlasting divinity– that which supersedes man, and God. While also avoiding all possibility of consequence and divine order. It’s theorized that if Nimrod was not directly conceived from a fallen god, that his transformation likely came through some form of Recombinant DNA(rDNA).

Recombinant DNA – rDNA molecules are DNA molecules formed by laboratory methods of genetic recombination (such as molecular cloning) to bring together genetic material from multiple sources, creating sequences that would not otherwise be found in the genome. 

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The study of these deeper meanings brings light to the hope of all transhumanists, those who are desperately trying to surpass the order by which God established within His creation. It seems that Lucifer and mankind are guilty of the same offense: both attempting to elevate themselves above God’s order, both looking to supersede the ways of God by their own scientific abilities.

This brings the ongoing battle over the safety of vaccines into a new light of possibility. Are the vaccines we now intentionally inject nothing more than a modern day “witches brew”, that which has dire ramifications upon the genetic and spiritual sanctity of mankind?

Looking at the Days of Noah, we see that the earth was decimated not only because of man’s violence and wickedness, but also because all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth. When reading Genesis 7, one will plainly see God’s emphasis on all thing being after their own kind. The root for corrupt is destroy, so how does flesh become corrupted and/ or destroyed? An example of this: the most common 18 (666) available vaccines in the United States that science insists are not only safe, but absolutely crucial in furthering our health, even as they are purposefully littered with harmful metals and corrupted genetics.

Could the mandated onslaught of vaccines have an unseen objective: turning man into a polluted vessel which is unable to be inhabited by the very Spirit of God? If you are injected with foreign genetics, at what point do you become post-human, no longer genetically pure as God intended?

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The Beast Who Once Was: New Insight into End Times Prophecy – By Chris Relitz
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The Beast Who Once Was: New Insight into End Times Prophecy – By Chris Relitz