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Occult sacrifice at CERN

Inhabitants at CERN performed a “mock” human sacrifice before Shiva the God of destruction. These events appear to have been performed within the past few weeks, if accurate the corresponding dates would align with Occult ceremony and sacrifice days throughout the beginning of August. It’s also no surprise the date of release concerning the CERN sacrifice footage, August 18th(6+6+6=18). As noted below many of the ceremonies involve a female which correlates to the female victim in the CERN sacrifice footage.

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Satanic Holidays
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CERN’s operating schedule

CERN on July 5th started the ELENA commission. Elena derives from the Latin Helena taken from hele meaning “vigor of the sun, splendor, the bright one, torch, moon”Helen in Greek mythology was the daughter of Zeus who Paris kidnapped and started the Trojan War over. A known sacred Day for Helena is August 18th, commemorating Constantine the Great’s mother, St. Flavia Julia Helena Augusta. August 18th, 2016 was also a full moon in the midst of a five planet cosmic alignment. 

Are the scientists at CERN summoning what some would cal the Beast from the abyss? These coincidences and a number of recent ceremonial events around the world causes one to contemplate this possibility.