Our Nation cities are geomantic haunts for the old gods, their architecture being used to resonate up the ancient past.


Double sided east and west owl god Moloch overlooking Sacramento.


Moloch and the uberElite’s “Cremation of Care” – Bohemian Grove.


Sirius – Capital Dome

Screen shot 2016-03-28 at 7.46.09 PM

First star in Orion’s Belt – Bank of the West Tower 


Second star in Orion’s Belt – Wells Fargo Tower

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Third star in Orion’s Belt – Administrative Law Building


Taurus – Tower Bridge Gateway

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Taurus/ Moloch/ Baal


Pleiades – The Ziggurat

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Masonic compass and square baseball stadium – located on Tower Bridge Gateway or technically, M(13) street.

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Sirius, Orion, Taurus and Pleiades – the Great Alignment

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Sacramento, CA