Major cities of our Nation have become haunts for the old gods, it seems the chosen architecture represents their pagan loyalties. When observing architecture in local cities a startling glare from the ancient past shines forth. 

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Double sided East and West owl god Molech, overlooking Sacramento
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Molech and the uberElite’s Cremation of Care ceremony. Bohemian Grove

Capital Dome Sacramento – Sirius
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Bank of the West Tower, First star in Orion’s belt. 
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Wells Fargo Center, Second star in Orion’s belt.
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Administrative Law building, Third star in Orion’s belt
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Tower Bridge Gateway – Taurus 
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The Ziggurat – Pleiades
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Masonic Compass and Square in the baseball stadium which is located on Tower Bridge Gateway, or what would technically be M street.    M=13
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Cosmic alignment of Sirius, Orion, Taurus and Pleiades
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The cosmic alignment of the Great Pyramids and the many alike. 
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Sacramento, CA