Originally, the Nature of Man was simply to be a part of God’s ordered Creation. Astoundingly, however, in addition to a truly unique impartation of a specifically individualized (spiritual) Nature, He also united within mankind the resonating force of the cosmos: our soul– formulated from the Breath of Life that was given to us by our Creator– the very essence of our being– while also, possessing a slight distinction between man and beast. When mankind fell into debt from the cunnings of the Nachash, Death was the end result; which in turn corrupted man’s original identity, and further led to the destruction of his very essence: his soul. Thus, Death began to nurture fallen man’s new inclination for sin, as he is now filled with the preservation of self. The Nature of Death is to destroy– the ultimate opposing force to Life– thus sin, the cause and effect of Death, leads inevitably to destruction. The Holy Spirit– whose Nature is Life– rests upon those who profess with their mouth and believe in their heart that Jesus Christ is Lord, who are also baptized in the water of purification and anointed with the living fire of God. Hence: upon this moment of dedication, the Spirit of God takes up residence within that once dead soul, giving it new Life, and a new identity– the resurrection of the soul through the Spirit of the living God.