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Vault 7

Potential Mission Areas for CIA‘s Embedded Devices Branch

Firmware Target:

Vehicle Systems (e.g. VSEP)

There is reason to believe intelligence agencies have developed the ability to remotely control certain Vehicle Systems and do some really highly destructive things. –Richard Clarke, Former US National Security Council

A generated Google search of Vehicle Systems Engineer directed us to numerous Engineer Positions for manned and unmanned vehicle systems, software design for avionics, weapons, pod interfaces or pilot/vehicle interfaces within military and civilian application.


Potential Mission Areas for CIA’s Embedded Devices Branch

Software Target:

QNX (big player in VSEP) a software platform used in many Autonomous Drive and Connected Cars and Connected Embedded Systems.


VSEP also correlates to Visual Studio Express Python: 

Microsoft’s Visual Studio is an Integrated Development Environment that analyzes written code, edits source-code, builds automation tools and is a program debugger.

Python is a widely used, multi-paradigm, high-level programming language for general-purpose programming, which emphasizes code readability, allowing programmers to express concepts in fewer lines of code. Python Code is widely utilized in Civilian, Corporate and Military application.

Could the CIA’s Embedded Devices Branch– Potential Mission Areas e.g. Vehicle Systems, also be correlated as– the covert subversion of program-code language? Continue reading “Vault 7”


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