What we see today is a mass of people, especially our youth, who’ve lost their social trajectory largely because of the shocking reality that the world we are currently allowed to perceive has been almost permanently shuttered to not only futuristic thinking and meaningful advancement, but to even the most basic questions that have arisen out of the anti-objective catastrophe of post-modernism and our now evermore frightening pop-culture of offense cancellation.

As Modernity now sluggishly presses forward we have literally no inclination, even in-spite of our massive advancement in technical knowledge over the past few centuries, of where our future’s next generation thinkers will be allowed to take root. No one, it truly seems, is even moderately aware of the stagnating technical progress of these last few decades. Further, it’s becoming alarmingly obvious that even within Silicon Valley’s recent profundity, that we have little if not almost zero understanding of where we need to be oriented towards collectively.

What’s more frightening is that within this ever maddening moment of social disintegration, and even amidst the profound advancements of the last two hundred years, and more so, within the great speed and general ease of today’s market transactions, that we have undoubtedly hit a tumultuous stream of stagnation. Or simply put, humanity is now being confronted with mass cultural stagnation at almost every level (e.g., technical, scientific, financial, health, political, artistic, educational, etc.)

We argue that the largely unchecked and truly unobserved interconnected onslaught that exists within an ever stifling environment of “closed systems” is one of the fundamental causes for our youth’s now jaundiced eye towards markets, science, law, history, art, family, tradition, merit, work ethic, responsibility, etc. What is one to do when all the world’s information is at our fingertips and yet we still cannot seem to break from the status quo for fear of upturning a now ever rotting applecart?

How is a starry eyed young adult supposed to accept that the global financial markets make absolutely no derivative sense in comparison to everyday reality? That debt seems to be a stress-induced prerequisite for everyone’s life, and that everyone, except our many governments and/or the truly wealthy, must be “on time” when it comes to their financial obligations. After all, our own government’s debt exceeds, at minimum, 27 plus trillion dollars, arguably more (tangible) money than is in physical circulation today. But these numbers of inconceivable measure are always hotly contested so why quibble over a few dozen trillion thus, we digress.

We ask, how is a young scientist supposed to break the mold and chart those uncharted waters when they are intellectually chastised for simply asking certain (reasonable) questions, let alone holding unorthodox hypotheses which may offend fractional sub-groups? Questions that may in fact offensively open our collective Mind unto the next phase of realistic growth and beneficial progress.

How is a the young physicist or mathematician supposed to “unify the field” when they’re stuck in a Heavisided nightmare of almost pure linearity and zero-sum vectors? 

How is the young theologian supposed to rectify the dialectically opposed nature of our three great Yahwehisms when their religious institutions are in a closed state of infinite indebtedness to an ever contradicting God?

How is the young economist supposed to balance our national budget when legal bribery abounds throughout our highest institutions, and the very currency that we propagate is backed by nothing more than the might of our military, cartelized fiat, and willfully blind social faith?

How is the young civil servant supposed to not only represent their township, but affect positive growth, when it is beyond clear that the highest echelons of power only move for those who are willing to line the already burgeoning bureaucratic pocket with the hard earned money of their moderate, and clearly, ill represented constituents?

How is the young entrepreneur supposed to propagate growth when unchecked monopolies are using their massive wealth to castrate new businesses in the face of ever impotent courts; or further, grow to cherish the institutions of private property when the very word capital is now continually deemed by the children of soft totalitarianism as chattel to the slave-encased mindset of humanity’s unilateral past?

These many questions may be tough to answer in the immediate moment, but they will soon be impossible to solve if the system that propagates them remains “closed” to fresh thinking. Many, and certainly our youth, are increasingly coming to terms with the fact that our failing systems are becoming more closed by the day, much like the closed aristocracies of our feudal past. How do we solve our stagnation problem when undervalued labour is increasingly diminished, while at the same time, endless hierarchies of administrative blubber is packed on?

Well, to start, we need to be able to ask those tough, often politically incorrect questions. We need to be able to “offend” the current status quo, and be able to do so while still retaining our careers, reputations, and integrity. We need to be able to call financial and government criminals, criminal, and hold them accountable. We need a one-tiered legal system, and we need it to fear the repercussions if it exceeds the scale of balanced justice. We need to be able to defend S.T.E.M. without being labeled a “racist” or a “phobe” of one sort or another. We need to be able to call out doublespeak when we hear it, and further, exclude it all together from the conversation if it refuses to recorrect. We need to be able to talk openly about the closed nature of our many corporate institutions and the overly obese nature of their administration cartels. We need to be able to reward people based on merit, and not on their uncontrollable and highly uninteresting attributes. We need to be able to call out bad thinking, but we most certainly need to hear bad thinking articulated or how are we supposed to know that it’s bad thinking. We need non-revolving congressional and senatorial term limits. We need financial incentive removed for government held positions, or just maybe, cause those who want such positions of high influence to pay for such a privilege. We absolutely need tangible asset backed currency. We need regular and publicized government and corporate audits. We need the Bill Of Rights to be imbedded within all corporate charters. We need corporate “personhood” abolished. We need a massive reduction in administration across all corporate and government sectors. We need a military that protects and serves, not private contractors who have unknown interests and are largely unaccountable to We The People. We need anti-monopoly and anti-trust laws to be enforced. We need higher education to teach us how to think, not what to think. The list goes on, but what we really need is simple institutional openness in every possible capacity or we are doomed for failure, or worse, absolute tyranny.