This little rumination attempts to address the general insanity over the past few weeks, months, and even years; as well as, the lack of common sense and reasonable skepticism, for the most part, that many are lacking when it comes to not only the Covid19 “crisis”, but life’s endlessly mysterious happenings. Concerning the Virus: it’s real; and it certainly garners respect as it’s undoubtedly causing people harm and even death. This is not refutable, nor are we attempting to refute this actuality. But what is truly concerning is the lack of empiricism that, again, for the most part, the whole of society seems to be all too comfortable excluding from the discussion when it comes to not only the “current-crisis”, but any number of society’s given crises that revolve around National Security, Public Health, Technology, Education, or the like.

Many are skeptics at heart, and this is a great quality to possess, no doubt. Thus, many of us embrace our skepticism as a gift as it forces us to dig deeper into issues that cause us intellectual pause. We search far and wide for the rational that supports the actions that impact Mankind in a variety of extremes. Arguably, any reasonably minded individual should deeply investigate when presented with extremes in any capacity. Now, let’s get to the heart of our rumination.

Most of the Covid19 “projections” that our “experts” have provided are generated with Artificial Intelligence. Governor Newsom of California was one who admitted as such in a live press conference a few weeks back. Now, A.I. is impressive, no doubt, but A.I. is only as good as the base information that is inputted into the system from the beginning. Therefore, if the base data is faulty, biased, or flat out incorrect in any capacity the compounding results lead to gross over-projections, or more plainly stated, wrong projections. And this leads us to our first point: that We the People are becoming more and more reliant on A.I. as opposed to our Divine Intellectual capacity. Is Mankind now suddenly unable to formulate statistics that are scientifically viable? The answer should be obvious, but we’ll state it plainly. Yes! Of course we are capable of formulating reasonable projections in this capacity. And yet, here We are, becoming ever so reliant on A.I., well, at least, that is, our Government “leaders” seem to be heading in this direction at an alarming rate. One further point. Why is it that our “leaders” refuse to give Us the base data that is used to instigate these A.I. projections? Well, the answer, again, should be obvious, but we’ll speculate briefly anyways. When a Nation is given “worst case scenarios” with crucial bits of data conveniently left out, they are ever-more easily persuaded by their dictating Governments. As Fear is arguably the most “affektive” tool when trying to manipulate the masses. 

Now, to our second point. Why is it that American’s are becoming less and less likely to challenge the Government’s never-ending half-witted “narratives”? We aren’t trying to get overly conspiratorial here, though we easily could, but this is simply an honest question. We believe a large part of the “sheepish mentality” that so many people exhibit is largely based on our educational system’s century long reform towards standardized testing. Standardized testing is something that was imported into the United States around the turn of the 20th Century, with it’s final culmination occurring in 2001 with the “No Child Left Behind” educational “reform”. This 100+ year educational reform transformed our thought processes from being reason-based, and largely analogical, to mainly a method of text book memorization. This new mode of “learning” drastically transformed the “show your work” method of deriving answers to the simple process of memorizing the textbook. This arguably produced a drastically reduced state of cognition concerning critical and analogical thought on the student’s part, as the student now resided in a state of memorized reductionism as they attempted to decide which was the best answer within four or so choices (e.g., A-D). Now, briefly recall the problem of A.I. only being as good as the base inputted data as we make this next point. Standardized tests have been shown in a number of studies to be quite inaccurate in totality; as many standardized test answers have been shown to not be completely correct when certain students possessed a larger scope of independent study that existed outside of the authorized course material. There have even been many times when students have literally been penalized for going outside of the authorized parameter of course material even though their references came from the school’s own library. History courses often seem to be the most susceptible to this line of standardized scrutiny as most people certainly know that it’s the “Victors” that often pen the annals of historical record. That old adage certainly reigns true: that much of our history is simply “His-story”. 

We’re not sure if there is a better example of “standardized thinking” than what is exhibited daily within the Main Stream Media. All one has to do is listen to a daily compilation of the MSM’s “talking points” and this will be ever-apparent. It’s become blatantly obvious that we no longer possess a National Media that engages in critical thought, or for that matter, unbiasedly participates in deductive reasoning, or further, actually still engages in that once respected craft of “on the ground” reporting. The “talking heads” simply get their daily “talking points”, and do they ever follow the manipulating narrative, or should we say, manipulating script. There isn’t much that needs to be said in this regard as this observation is most certainly obvious to anyone who is paying attention. 

Thus, we now conclude our composition of thought with a few short questions. How are We the People supposed to trust the “narrative” when not only the MSM but our “leaders” cannot “show us their work”? How are We supposed to engage in critical and analogical Thought when it has been systematically reduced, for the most part, from our educational systems, that which should be the very basis for our intellectual development? How can we trust the MSM when they unequivocally follow scripts as if they were B-Film actors? How does Mankind remain Free when our Divine Intellect is endlessly attacked, when our Sovereign Reason is reduced to mere ratiocination, and when our very Thoughts are corralled and standardized by what can only be described as the “thought police”? We ask, is it so wrong to intellectually challenge the narrative? Should we not all seek the unadulterated Truth in it’s upmost clarity above all other things? Is it not the proven and re-proven Truth that sets Us Free? Are we no better than irrational herds, or are we that which is made in the Divine Image of the Supreme Intellect?