We’re going to get ever-contrapuntal with this little rumination as it concerns the nuttiness of these past few weeks, months, and even years; as well as, the lack of common sense and reasonable skepticism, for the most part, that many are lacking when it comes to not only the Covid19 “crisis”, but life’s endlessly mysterious happenings. More specifically, concerning the virus, we know that this virus is real and it certainly garners respect as it’s undoubtedly causing people harm and even death. This is not refutable, nor are we attempting to refute this actuality. But what is truly concerning is the lack of questioning that, again, for the most part, the whole of society seems to be missing when it comes to not only the Covid-crisis but any number of society’s given crises that revolve around National Security, Public Health, Technology, Education, or the like. Continue reading “The Virus Of Standardized Thought”