We find it now ever-puzzling that so many apologists uphold the myriads of Scriptural variance as some qualifying standard of authority, even is spite of the detriment that an enormous field of comparison yields; as if the massive field alone somehow justifies mistranslation.

If we were material scientists, and sometimes I think we may be, mass-variable would be a great point of field comparison. But we are not material scientists, we are spiritual historians, or better yet, cosmological philosophers, and further, seekers of the perennial Truth! Honestly, we can see the attraction to this line of reason, we truly can, no doubt, it’s quite effective in a debate, even though, its position is, arguably, quite fractured; very much like our massive, present day schism in Doctrinal interpretation, which, by the way, really does matter. The acceptance of mass-variable as a “good thing” is simply the final splinters of the absolute failure that was the Reformation.

In short, we can’t help but refer to Saint Jerome, basically, refusing Pope Damascus I’s commission to reproduce the Latin Text due to the overwhelming degree of variant. Which clearly, even by the mid fourth century was considered, at least, from the Pope’s perspective, a serious problem.