Apart from the great amount of evidence given in the Holy Bible, one might have a tough time acquiring physical “proof” when searching for Jesus’ tangible existence on earth. Historically, however– throughout the many avenues of alternate philosophy and Religion– there are accounts, here and there, of the existence of a Supreme Man from Israel who caused great ecclesial discord. His revolutionary Teaching invoked such enmity that Roman Authority was provoked by His people against Him. Yet further, this Son of Man was so profound that after His public sacrifice, a spiritual revolution sprang forth which to this day causes the greatest of intellects to reexamine true spiritual development, and perfectly restores even the most corrupted of souls.  

Is it no surprise that we have little to no non-biblical “surface reference” regarding Jesus’ physical existence? After all, even though the kingdom of the earth was made from Him and through Him, His kingdom is not of this earth, at least not completely yet. Thus, the history of our fallen kingdom has been dictated throughout the millennia by the progeny of a rebellious son(s) who adamantly opposed God’s Law (which was certainly taught in some great form by Noah, his ancestors and his established son, Shem). The commonly known doctrine(s) of Osiris emanated from the second son of Noah– whose name was Ham– who is the father of Egypt and Canaan “the cursed”. These are the post-flood Patriarchs of the spiritual and genetic rebellion, whose original knowledge stemmed from the antediluvian Line of Cain.

A glaring oversight proposed by anti-biblical scholars: the denial of an even further-removed antithesis to the cult teachings of Osiris, and/ or even, the very similar religions of Sumer. The notion that simply due to the extensive publication of Osiris “literature”, an Alternate Doctrine could not have existed or even been substantially taught. Additionally, these scholars cannot accept the possibility that an anti-Osiris Doctrine would likely stem from the furthest point of Mankind’s history, originating long before the Great Flood. Such are content to simply abide in this anti-biblical reasoning, yet, as they sit comfortably idle in their understanding, one can’t help but recognize their fearful apprehension when further considering the antediluvian God Investigation.