There is an ancient whisper of a once inner system planet that was either inadvertently decimated and/ or even offensively neutralized at the turn of a distant Age– its shattered remains were scattered throughout the planetary system to such a degree that samples can actually be mined from the earth. This wayward storm, the lost planet, is biblically known as Rahab– the debris of this planet now composes our main Astroid Belt. What kind of device could outsource such power and/ or what sort of object could inflict such a wake of cosmic devastation? 

When searching for a weapon that could incite such a Force Reaction, there is a striking plausibility that could act as an Inter planetary link within our Inner system– the Great Pyramids of Old. After considering the troves of modern archeological evidence coupled with the copious amounts of Ancient Texts, one might be led to surmise the following: Long before Noah’s Great Flood, fallen “Beings” fashioned the Earth and cosmos under a highly advanced Technological Order; utilizing vast interconnecting Force technologies that surpass our greatest scientific comprehension.

Concerning the myriad of well-researched conclusions regarding Rahab’s obliteration: it would seem likely that this cataclysm came from either a celestial conflict that employed beyond-world technology. Or even further: that Rahab’s destruction originated from an overwhelming Force influx during the operation of interplanetary Megalithic Technology. The Influx Theory would validate the school of thought that supports a partial dismantling of this epic device within (possibly) the immediate timeline of the Great Flood…

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