Before the Angelic Fall and before the 6 Day Creation, when the worship of God within the Galaxy was in Order, Angels governed Heavenly technology throughout the earth and cosmos. In order to amplify unimaginable sources of organic energy; these devices were systematic in cosmic congruence, resonating vast amounts of etheral glory unto Him.

The rebellious Angels who were cast to the earth are certainly the Architects of the Post Creation, Antediluvian devices that riddle the earth. Though mechanically magnificent, Cyclopian technology likely pales in comparison to the original Mechanism of Order by which God set His galactic Sanctuary in. 

The Masters of the Darkness of this world aim to harness this astounding power, forever hoping to technically circumvent the inevitable Judgement and Wrath of God. Now as particles collide at enormous rates, it seems as if God’s Remnant may no longer be able to prevent inner-dimensional cataclysm, but we can certainly prepare our Brethren for the nature of the coming battle.