Will a Debt Jubilee and/ or Debt Buyout be the only answer for America’s inescapable Economic Doomsday? After such an inevitable collapse, how will we rectify a financial System that is so utterly corrupt? If rectification is even possible, it seems likely it will come at the expense of our Nation’s private assets. 

For the uberElite to successfully absolve Western debt, they will need social and economic chaos, coupled with the fearful support of a psychologically manipulated people. Will the masses submit to a short-sighted debt reprieve for the promise of stability– at the expense of our few remaining Liberties? Or further, would we voluntarily sign over our private wealth to a corrupt institution in order to “buy stock” from the emerging Eastern System? 

Most would have never thought the Market tourniquet they administered in 2008 would last so long. Those stemming our monetary flatline were the Barons of War and Industry, clamoring to prop-up our failing confidence. Soon a printing-press lullaby became their pacifying answer to the masses. Print money unto oblivion. At this point they thought, why not?

The Western financial system generally fluctuates in a 4 to 8 year ebb and flow– up and down, good and bad. The Mad Barons know this and make vast fortunes no matter the Market point. Since the Great Recession of 2008, the dollar has been propped up by the insanity of Quantitative Easing, affecting the somewhat natural ebb and flow of the System, leaving our manipulated Market poised for a disastrous unraveling. The printing-press lullaby of the Mad Brokers has almost played out and the Levee of Corruption that has been building for the past 9 years across all sectors of the Market is about to give way in Biblical proportions.

This is likely the moment when the Big East will unleash their New Currency System– digital in form and backed by a tangible precious metal. Inevitably this will shine an undeniable light on the falsity of our current monetary System, and because of this, a subsequent flight away from the dollar will be global and pandemic. This move will shift financial power to the East, and if history is only anything but a whisper, global war is in our near future.