America’s moral decline has become so colossal that our only remaining hope is a cataclysmic move by God– one that will either allow the Gospel of Jesus Christ to cleanse us from Evil, or force God’s judgement upon America for its acceptance of Liberal apostasy. The passive spiritual message of the Church is directly responsible for society’s near destruction, as we have allowed a Liberal compartmentalization of God’s Truth. Furthermore, the Falsehood permeating the Church stems not only from a lukewarm spiritual mindset, but also from our Universities which teach a progressively acceptable interpretation of Scripture. 

Spiritual Progressives strive for a Global Singular Mindset concerning man’s spiritual thought. Unfortunately now, Christian Progressives attempt to inject the same Liberal Reason into the Church– simply put, a global unity of worship to a more universal god— often excluding Canon authority in regards to Liberal heresy and the fundamental faith required in Jesus Christ alone, while also leaving room for communal worship with those of an alternate obedience. Their primary focus is unity over conflicting doctrines of interpreted Truth. This Scriptural convolution aims to be a more palatable foundation for a global ideal of worship within the Beast Spectrum. 

Christian Progressives now labor for this mass unity while even overlooking within their own Canon the impossibility of Isaac and Ishmael’s two-tribe unification. How do they reconcile the historical, God-ordained, continual separation(s) of Isaac and Ishmael– a division tracing back to the murder of Abel? 

Many Christian Progressives truly believe our modern era yields them profoundly new understanding within the context and application of Scripture– as if they were cosmically ordained to enlighten even God Himself on His very own Word. Tragically, Christian Progressives inevitably cast stumbling blocks before the Lost and tie millstones of social ambition around their own necks. Mass unity over Truth? While well-intentioned, these efforts are misguided– as it is Scripturally impossible within our current fallen state.