Society must recognize there is a faction within the ruling Elite that are sadistic child sacrificing pedophiles. This ritual practice has been a root of power and influence throughout the Age of Man. These demoniacs solidify power through Satanic child vampirism, drawing strength from the Essence of Evil, using it to establish relentless authority; while swaying political direction by SodoMystic blackmail.

The majority of Americans refuse to recognize the deeper point of Wikileaks’ Podesta File. Yes, it was to reveal corruption throughout the DNC and the many Clinton irregularities, but further it was meant to lay bare the atrocities occurring within the uberElite’s power Order– the horrific crimes directly involving our most vulnerable citizens, children. 

Why has the MSM gone to such great lengths in perpetuating the Russian Hack of our election? It’s not because of surmounting evidence against Russia, as the Intelligence Community has yet to publish anything viable. We believe the MSM’s Hacking Story is diverting unwanted exposer to uberElite pedophile rings, while also furthering the attack on Donald Trump.

This is the Greater Truth held within the leaked files– the most evil practice perpetuated by the uberElite– the sexual slaughter of children for Satan. Where are those of Moral and Legal Authority to challenge this Evil, when will we stand against this offensive and reprehensible behavior?