America’s immigration crisis was implemented by our 44th administration’s moderate rebel. The Arab Spring apogee now resonating in America stems from a Globalist scheme to overthrow priority regions within the Russian Middle East– largely by the attempted establishment of the Qatar-Turkey pipeline, which President Assad refused– thus leading to President Gaddafi’s murder and the Chaos Gateway of Benghazi for our jihadi, ammunition, drug and human trafficking pipeline that supported the moderate FSA– which truly were the first-fruits of ISIS.

We certainly owe many people directly impacted from ISIS refuge, as the West is directly responsible for their creation, but as ISIL is now steadily being eliminated, where does that leave US– being bombarded by a wave of migrants aggressively taking advantage of our destabilized system. The refugee crisis has been supplanted by those simply taking advantage of a lacked open door policy.

This is no longer a refugee crisis, it’s an immigration crisis rooted in sedition– one that’s socially tearing our country apart just as the Students of Marx-Hegel originally intended. America is the last remaining bedrock of global freedom, She has many enemies now using heart-warming tactics against psychologically vulnerable Americans. We are certainly to Love our neighbors of every kind, but we also are not to be ignorant of the Enemy’s craftiness and his greater play for America.