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December 2016


divisive Moderatism 

lukewarm to the taste

render want for Freedom

forget the ills of yesterday

time has come for many

leading this Fateful Day

fire awaits the faithless

eternal darkness

a fiery grave


seek the One True God

Jesus is His Name

Peace the faithful promise

come together

in Freedom’s reign 


straight is the narrow

forget never to forsake

walking in His love

open heart

feel It shake


bind and loose in Jesus Name

Border Of Cooperation

The proverbial Wall of Division now standing in America is evident, stretching our State of Cooperation to the social brink. This is a pinnacle moment in American history as the last few grains of sand fall before the hourglass is flipped back over. We suspect Dr. King would be rolling in his grave if he could see his not so far-off contemporaries demanding segregation in such a hurtful way.

One of the main causes for this division is the immigration crackdown proposed by President Trump. Yet, it hopefully looks to be more of an authority clarification for Federal and Local law enforcement to legally maintain the sovereign sanctity of each State. Due to the manufactured absence of coherency at Federal levels and Department segregation, Local law enforcement is generally hindered in basic investigative authority. This intended confusion and lack of basic law enforcement has brought utter discord to the undermanned border of America, leaving a sealed border as one of only few options available to secure the remaining Republic.  Continue reading “Border Of Cooperation”

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