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November 2016




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Tip Of The Spear

Many are attempting to reason with the reality of Donald J. Trump becoming the next President of the United States– it truly being the first time since 1963 that an outsider will have the ability to challenge the Deep State Military Industrial Complex. America’s vote at the very least is evidence of mounting frustration in our current National direction, leaving President Trump’s victory worthy of great social contemplation regardless of Party affiliation.

The apparent character flaws of both Candidates were substantial to say the least, yet we’ve always maintained this Election was beyond the perceived nature of these two competitors, it being more about the vast spiritual ramifications these Candidates possessed. One being yet another link in the ever-rigid chain of the uberElite, while the other is more of a wild card with the potential of turning over the entire table.  Continue reading “Tip Of The Spear”

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