Many do not fully understand what science is attempting to produce by the destruction of our God-given genome. Salvation for a Godless people is that of science, forever hoping to supersede the Law and Order of God. We largely suspect the uberElite will attempt to harness this occult salvation through the advancements of Recombinant DNA. As for the crudely appointed Useless Eaters, our genetic code will be watered down by the onslaught of destructive vaccines, coupled with an assortment of environmental modifications.

Imagine the moment of injection and or aerial infection when the genome undergoes corruption, no longer being genetically pure as God designed– truly a luciferian, Deep State, post-human amalgamation. If these injections carry a targeted variety of life’s makeup, how will the soul organize its dominance in a spectrum of “alien” genetics? We postulate that outside of the Armor of Salvation the fallen soul will be unable to maintain dominance, leaving the vessel spiritually open in a neutral state, made available only for the habitation of a demonic spirit.