America is under attack from the Spirit of Delusion. Never could we imagine the divide becoming so vast in such a short amount of time. It’s alarming that many still cannot see the Truth, utterly incapable of discernment. The Forces of Hegel convulse in excitement, jovial over their destruction of America’s solidarity. Divide and conquer, this is how they do it. America has but one breath of freedom left. And it seems the generation that was supposed to rise up against tyranny wants just that. Give us what we deserve. This is their new anthem, no longer solidified by faith, but by selfishness and confusion. Thankfully there is a Solution. 

The Enemy has been dividing us since the beginning, pitting us against each-other, hoping we might see his perverted light as a beacon of life. For when you deny the Truth for so long, in time, the delusion you believe in becomes your embedded logic– a corrupted perspective of reality overrides, and the enemy’s delusion becomes reality. 

What is the solution you might ask? There is but One. Jesus Christ. He provided us with God’s Truth, a breathing example of what is possible, a way to access the immense wonders of God. Providing a way to clearly see His ultimate presence.

If you reject His Word with Anxiety and Fear, this is a tangible injection of the Spirit of Fear,– a foreign Energy Influx that usually attacks the stomach and heart. Peace is a Gift from Jesus, His tangible injection of resonating Energy; that which completely surpasses our logical reason.

Light and darkness cannot stand as one, darkness will always suffer by the Might of His Glory, invoking a reaction of fear by the unsaved. Fear is a resonating deposit of the Enemy’s spirit, the spirit of Anti-Love.