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June 2016

Temple Of God

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There has been much debate between theologians concerning the reconstruction of Jerusalem’s third Temple. Some proclaim its resurrection is necessary to fulfill biblical prophecy, while others profess the Temple of God is alive and well, resonating throughout all those who believe in Jesus Christ, and thus only applicable in the spiritual sense. We propose in the context of the respective Faiths that both statements hold Truth.  Continue reading “Temple Of God”

Divide And Conquer

America is under attack from the Spirit of Delusion. Never could we imagine the divide becoming so vast in such a short amount of time. It’s alarming that many still cannot see the Truth, utterly incapable of discernment. The Forces of Hegel convulse in excitement, jovial over their destruction of America’s solidarity. Divide and conquer, this is how they do it. America has but one breath of freedom left. And it seems the generation that was supposed to rise up against tyranny wants just that. Give us what we deserve. This is their new anthem, no longer solidified by faith, but by selfishness and confusion. Thankfully there is a Solution. 

Continue reading “Divide And Conquer”

Gnósis Of The Spirit

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Is there a place in the Church for science? Will science explain away the existence of God, or in turn solidify it? Can you be a scientist and also a believer in Jesus Christ, believing also in His supernatural accounts? Is there a process to authenticate the tangible resonance of the Spirit, a way to recognize the interaction between our intelligence and the injection of God’s divine insight? That unexplainable moment when the veil in your “mind’s eye” is lifted and God’s understanding is brought to light. Continue reading “Gnósis Of The Spirit”

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