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May 2016

Bondservants Of Love

The time has come when men will have to decide how to fight, either with a sword from the earth or with The Sword, that which is the Word of God. Do we as followers in Christ have the authority to defend ourselves against violence by force of violence? Do we “turn the other cheek” in the face of destruction, allowing our families to be submitted into bondage, or stand behind a Constitutional Right as free people? Could the bondage of the Saints be absolutely necessary to save the torturer and tortured alike– for instance, an uberElite who might never have a safe encounter with a True Believer in Christ, unable to experience by proximity one who has Divine Understanding given only by The One True God; while also those who are in spiritual and physical bondage, ready to experience the Spirit of Love and its divine ability to work in the heart’s of men.

Jesus said, 18 On my account you will be brought before governors and kings as witnesses to them and to the Gentiles. – Matthew 10:18 Continue reading “Bondservants Of Love”

Cosmic Force

According to some of the most elevated scientific minds of today there is a deeply rooted undefinable Force that is holding all mass together, this Force is generally known as the Color Force and or the Strong Force. The Color Force prevents the separation of quarks and antiquarks which are produced in an exchange of particles with known gluons– this marriage constitutes the fundamental characteristics of protons and neutrons within atoms. At this atomic level that are bound together by the Strong Force to create molecules. The Strong Force seems to be the remnants of the Color Force’s energy– an inheritance of power. Atoms are comprised of protons (+) and neutrons (neutral) which form the nucleus, these two forces are held together by the fundamental electron (-). Electrons, with their negative charge, are responsible for unifying the imbalance between protons and neutrons– thereby, stabilizing the atom. Electrons are not made of anything that we know of that could be considered as a set of smaller particles. No internal structure has even been found for electrons”. As it stands the essence of all life is being held together by some unknown Force(s), something so vast and interconnected that without it all life would simply fall apart.  Continue reading “Cosmic Force”

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