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The estimated abortion number since 1980 worldwide is 1.4 Billion. 

Below are a few statements from a previously posted article we’d like to address, they also pertain to the sudden influx of Zika virus that’s spiring on South American pro-abortion activism. It’s not hard to understand how anyone could be made frightened if told, your baby will be deformed. Surely the anxiety of coming hardships would be incredible, driving many to a most radical decision. At what extent were these women coerced into aborting their children, how often were bellows stoking the flames of fear, causing these women to choose murder as their only hope? 

“In 1941 Stanley Plotkin calculated that 1% of all births at Philadelphia General Hospital were affected by Congenital Rubella Syndrome. In some cases, women who were infected with rubella while pregnant, terminated their pregnancies due to the serious risks from CRS.”

The Rubella outbreak in the 1960’s paved the way for human cell lines to be used in current vaccines. It was also a useful tool for gauging the social barometer concerning abortion reasoning and scientific study. 

Rubella virus cell line: RA 27/3 (Rubella Abortus, 27th fetus, 3rd tissue explant)

If one studies the scientific development of human cell lines used in vaccines it becomes apparent their development came from similar outbreaks of disease, such as Rubella. Prescribers were able to easily frighten expecting mothers with infant deformation thus ushered in a period of mass genocide for a specified research agenda. 

The amount of misinformation given for the rise of infant deformation from the sudden influx of Zika virus is evident, we are not disputing negative effects the virus has on developing life, we are simply opposing the idea that Zika infected mosquitoes are the main culprits of viral distribution. There is also surmounting evidence that environmental pesticides and state-sponsored policy are two key aspects of this disaster that are being purposely overlooked. 

We always take a deeper look at the spiritual ramifications of global events– especially regarding children– and we believe this manufactured crisis was established to abolish anti-abortion laws in South America, meant solely for the purpose of continuing the uberElite’s global genocide agenda. 

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They have built the high places of Baal to burn their children in the fire as offerings to Baal – something I did not command or mention, nor did it enter my mind. – Jeremiah 19:5