El Faro The Lighthouse

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33 crew members aboard the El Faro cargo ship were killed by the infuriating force of hurricane Joaquin, the ship sank in the dreaded realm of the Bermuda Triangle in early October, 2015.

The Bermuda Triangle is also known as The Devil’s Triangle.

Lucifer is known as the light bearer, his dominion pertains to a portion of the Heavens. El Faro means The Lighthouse.

Joaquin from the Hebrew name Joachim meaning “lifted by Yahweh”.

Lifted: “nasa or nasah” to lift, carry, take.

Joachim, according to the apocryphal Gospel of James was the father of Mary, mother of Jesus.   

33 members were killed aboard The house of Light 

33 a sacred number of the Luciferian Elite arguably, their most notable signature. The number 33 represents the physical location upon where 200 Angels made a celestial descent: Mount Hermon.

In any triangle the angles always sum to 180 degrees, thus each side is 33.33 percent of the whole.

The Bermuda Triangle, geometrically represents 180 degrees

18 = 6+6+6 … 666.

6 / 18 = .33

These strange circumstances surrounding the 33 dead sailors, the Bermuda Triangle and its symbolic nature resounding in the harmony of 33, with also the addition of the ship’s name El Faro– leads one to postulate, was this just another manufactured sacrifice to the father of lies, another spiritual obligation fulfilled by the uberElite?

33 members of the crew were taken by the light

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Free Masonic 33rd 
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Days before Hurricane Joaquin formed aerosols were applied over the Atlantic, notice frequency waves pulsating the engineered clouds.
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Hurricane Joaquin 
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