The Scales of Justice have been wrenched and what awaits is total annihilation of the remaining Amerikan Republic. 

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Justice Scalia was a controversial figure to say the least, his conservative stance was justice for the Right, but also a reason of disgust for the Left. Justice Scalia most certainly stood for what he believed in, his literal textual interpretation of Constitutional America was at times great debate, this alone caused disdain in the ranks of those who believe our Constitution and Bill of Rights are outdated and thus non applicable for this modern era of political correctness. Compounding this mystery is the link to a dark mystic past that revolves the attendants and location of his death.

Justice Scalia’s opposition was well noted against many current opinions and potential laws ranging from the assault on the 2nd Amendment, his tough stance against abortion and gay rights, his outspoken views on the lunacy of Obama Care and the manufactured state of climate change. There were also rumors that he was involved in legal action against the current POTUS and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. These are just some of the reasons many would rejoice in his sudden departure from the High Courts.

Justice Scalia’s death is surrounded by mystery that would make any sane person wonder how? According to reports no professional medical personnel were on-site to do a visual inspection of Scalia’s remains, he was declared dead over the phone (which is legal in the State of Texas) no autopsy was scheduled and more accurately refused by his family, why? It was stated Justice Scalia waived his right to Federal security, which at his level of importance we thought was impossible to do as more than just his protection is at stake. According to witnesses and close associates the Justice was in good health, but alternative narratives surfaced soon after his death stating claims of shoulder pain and ill health, thus justifying reasons for the apparent heart attack. The actions of all parties involved go against the very basics of crime scene investigation, especially concerning someone of this authoritative distinction. 

On the 44th day of the year, under the 44th POTUS, with roughly 44 years of conservative dominance, the High Court of our Nation is pushed to the precipice of liberal transformation, just as President Obama promised he would do.