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Will the impending Laws of Copyright spell destruction for online freedom, leaving one unable to access information freely, unable to share knowledge that affects change? We also believe these possibilities stretch beyond the realm of a digital platform, also looking to subdue man’s access to written Canons of antiquity. This attack is well timed with the inevitable decline in paper printing, a decline made possible by the advancement of technical convenience. Are we witnessing without notice the extinction of paper written knowledge, an era where the uberElite can suppress information with ease, refuting defense of alternative claims by lack of physical copy?

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Economics – For the past five years, newspaper ad revenue has maintained a consistent trajectory: Print ads have produced less revenue (down 5%), while digital ads have produced more revenue (up 3%) – but not enough to make up for the fall in print revenue. Overall ad revenue fell 4%, to just $19.9 billion.

Screen shot 2016-02-05 at 4.13.00 PMWhen we look at governmental policy that’s coming down the drain we try to look past the apparent facade and attempt to see the spiritual ramifications of such policy. Apply this spiritually; what if the Word of God is suppressed by the holding party of copyright, what if the Church was unable to preach the Word of God unless they first paid for the right?

All modern versions of the Bible are held under some form of copyright, for example the British Crown basically owns the King James Version of the Bible, though many debate the exact parameters of this copyright, it is well noted the Royal Crown does have legitimate claim in this respect. Are the root intentions of this policy to nullify, by word and or digitally, the very Word of God from common man, making verbal quotation a condemnable offense?

Clamoring in the halls of governmental madness are many who deem this a necessity in stabilizing digital chaos, using fear as just cause for freedom’s denial, hoping to take us back to a time when the physical copy of the Word of God was but a dream for common man to possess, a time when the uberElite held the only copies. 

How long before we in Amerika start to burn our own books, the very burning of inspiration itself?

Last November, European Parliament member Julia Reda said the “European Commission is preparing a frontal attack on the hyperlink, the basic building block of the Internet as we know it,” and warned the commission’s decision to “break the Internet” could also affect American websites linking to European content. –

“Each weblink would become a legal landmine and would allow press publishers to hold every single actor on the Internet liable,” said Reda.

“If the CJEU rules that every web user, in Europe and beyond, is expected to verify the copyright status of every item on a page before linking to that page, it could effectively destroy the web as we know it today,” write Matt Schruers And Jakob Kucharczyk for

“Would you have to repeatedly check back on the sites you link to, in case the content on the site you linked to has changed? Would you need to confirm that their licenses are all paid in full? Would you also have to verify the copyright status of links on the pages that you’re linking to?”

“If any of this were the case,” Schruers and Kucharczyk write, “social media, search, blogs, comment sections, online journalism could be faced with unmanageable legal liability.”