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The MSM is consistently spinning the lie that the global economy is doing fine, giving the Amerikan people a false sense of security, presenting skewed economic and unemployment numbers that truly do not represent reality. Further troubling is the mental state of the Amerikan people, most seriously lacking in spiritual discernment. There are people that do feel the underlying current that something is off, a feeling of uneasiness that’s making its way into the Amerikan psyche, yet many are truly unconcerned with the chaos taking place and others simply hope of returning to the machine like routine of our manipulated existence. 

Copper has been a great indicator for reliable economic growth, judging a nation’s potentiality can easily be assed by observing such production. As a nation’s technological advancement increases so should the intake of copper, thus a wonderful unbiased base of evaluation. 

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You see, consistently throughout the decades and across the entire globe, one can very effectively see precisely where we are as a whole, and any particular country is heading economically, simply by watching the price and what they are currently doing with copper. This is because copper is such a greatly relied upon, highly valued and widely utilized metallic element within every aspect of a society undergoing a serious growth phase and process of advancing toward a more “state of the art” existence.

There are many speculated theories for the decline in oil markets from global depression to economic conspiracies, but the bottom line is that global surplus is increasing and no one is willing to curtail production as many nations are staying afloat economically largely due to oil commodities. 

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The low commodity prices in wheat, rice and milk give insight to skyrocketing consumer prices at the grocer, as farmers make less money they are unable to fund large scale production and or even sustain it; thus leaving supply short, and with demand only increasing the consumer inevitably pays more. 

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Another form of distraction media is being waged by the onslaught of Winter Storm Jonas upon our Nation’s Capitol. The disturbing fact is our Government has been almost completely shutdown and is apparently unable to function because of it. Is the most powerful Nation on earth brought to its knees simply by a snow storm? Of course the few that are roaming those sacred halls are some of the most dangerous Representatives to ever step foot within. 

While Nation Braces For Winter Storm, Senate Sneaks In Bill To Allow For Military Martial Law

While parts of the nation braced for Winter Storm Jonas, Senate Ma­jor­ity Lead­er Mitch Mc­Connell was busy preparing the way for a proposal on the floor that had many concerned. 

The Authorization for the Use of Military Force, written by Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., is packaged as a proposal to fight the Islamic State group — but it would also allow the president to deploy military forces anywhere he chooses and for as long as he wants.

Simply put, the AUMF “would not re­strict the pres­id­ent’s use of ground troops, nor have any limits re­lated to time or geo­graphy,”  Defense One.