These are some of the engineered skies in Northern California over the past 12 months.

We are told by all official sources, agencies, and elected officials, that all we are seeing in our skies are “condensation trails”. They say that it is perfectly normal for this “condensation” to stay in the sky for hours or days, widening and spreading until whole horizons are completely blotted out. Yes, what we see is exactly what they say they want to do with solar radiation management (SRM), but they assure us that geoengineering is not actually going on. Those that choose to believe these blatant lies simply do not yet want to wake up. Here is the fact of the matter, all commercial jet aircraft and all military tankers are fitted with a type of jet engine that is by design nearly incapable of producing any condensation trail except under the most extreme circumstances, the high bypass turbofan.  – 

Extreme weather expert Dane Wigington’s interview at

The Luciferian Nazis never truly lost the war, they simply adapted to their new environment. The strength of the Nazis came from forbidden Forces of Darkness, this technology was so powerful that it allowed them to be sanctioned and protected by the uberElite. 

This man below could be considered the Grandfather of Aerosols, we can certainly thank him for what’s happening in our skies, to our earth and to our bodies. 

Kurt Blome KZ-Arzt.jpg
Nazi scientist and Amerikan ally Kurt Blome

Insecticides and experiments with nerve gas

Blome also worked on aerosol dispersants/chemtrails and methods of spraying nerve agents like Tabun and Sarin from aircraft, and tested the effects of these gases on prisoners at Auschwitz. Originally, I.G. Farben had developed nerve gas in 1936 as a result of its research into insecticides, and Blome’s duties included preparing defensive measures against possible Allied use of insect-borne biological weapons, either in a first strike or in retaliation for German use of such weapons. As early as September 1940, Wolfram Sievers, director of the S.S. Ahnenerbe Institute, had warned Blome of the need to expand the production of insecticides to deal with this eventuality. This led Blome to experiment with the dispersal of insecticides, fungicides and nerve gas from aircraft, especially after Hitler had ordered a “drastic increase” in the production of Tabun and Sarin at I.G. Farben’s Dyhernfurth factory in eastern Germany. On orders from Himmler in 1944, Blome also tested these on inmates at Auschwitz.

Postwar activities and employment by the United States

Blome was arrested on 17 May 1945 by an agent of the United States Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC, an army intelligence service) in Munich. He had had no papers except his driving license. After some weeks of custody, in which the CIC checked on his identity, Blome was taken to Kransberg Castle (a medieval castle north of Frankfurt) by an escort. A few days after his arrival at the castle a secret message was transmitted to Operation Alsos, an Anglo-American team of experts, whose order was to investigate the state of German and Italian weapons technology towards the end of war… It is believed that American intervention saved Blome from the gallows in exchange for information about biological warfare, nerve gas, and providing advice on to the American chemical and biological weapons programs. In November 1947, two months after his Nuremberg acquittal, Blome was interviewed by four representatives from Camp Detrick, Maryland, including Dr. H.W. Batchelor, in which he “identified biological warfare experts and their location and described different methods of conducting biological warfare.”

In 1951 he was hired by the U.S. Army Chemical Corps under Project 63, one of the successors to Operation Paperclip, to work on chemical warfare. His file neglected to mention Nuremberg. Denied a visa by the U.S. Consul in Frankfurt, he was employed at European Command Intelligence Center at Oberursel, West Germany.

He was not arrested or charged with war crimes again after his acquittal at the Nuremberg Doctors’ Trial in 1947. He also continued to practice medicine in West Germany, and was active in politics as a member of the right-wing Germany Party. He died in Dortmund in 1969.


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